Watch valuable mentorship videos and gain expert insights on how to lead a successful professional and personal life. Change your mind set for transformative change and get the answers to life’s most burning questions – All Mapped Out For You! 

Unleash your potential with our 24/7 Mentoring Video Benefits. Access valuable insights, learn at your own pace, and excel personally and professionally. Discover the true meaning of life. Join us today!


Unlock your full potential with our Mentoring Benefits at The Odd Pro

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a fulfilling life and embrace personal growth like never before? The Odd Pro presents our exclusive LIFE 101 mentoring video series, meticulously curated by our CEO, Emery M. McClendon, Esq., an accomplished attorney, inventor, and award-winning entrepreneur.

Get A Plan for Every Stage of Your Life Benefits

Take a first step towards a fulfilling life. We have put together a Plan for Every Stage of Your Life. The LIFE 101 mentoring series packs invaluable life lessons and practical wisdom in one place.

Emery has carefully handpicked each topic, from overcoming challenges to unlocking your true potential and self-confidence building. His transformative learning mentorship is the foundation assisting you to develop new skills, achieve your goals and accelerate continuous growth.

From conflict resolution to “building the team who will build your dream,” and from insightful guidance on “finding a compatible partner” to much more, we cover it all.

Emery -Your Mentor, Your Family:

Emery is a visionary leader and mentor who approaches each topic as if he’s speaking with a younger family member. His heartfelt and candid conversations are designed to inspire, uplift, and guide you through life’s complexities. With Emery as your trusted mentor, you’ll find an empathetic companion on your journey to personal empowerment and growth.

One-Stop Transformative Learning and Mentoring

Mentorship is a transformative experience, and with the LIFE 101 mentorship videos, you gain exclusive access to Emery’s profound insights and life experiences. Each video is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with practical strategies, actionable steps, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Mentoring Session

Curated Topics that Impact Your Life

Our mentoring series covers an extensive range of essential life topics, including:

What Our Members Are Saying?

Best app ever
"If you're serious about personal growth, The Odd Pro is your answer. The support system I've found here is priceless and has redefined my journey. It's worth every penny!"

Alex H.

I didn’t even know that I needed this
Due to changes caused by the pandemic, I felt really directionless. The mentoring episodes were invaluable. I watched the networking one 4 times!

Sophie J.

What you’re doing is amazing!
I just love what your company is doing! The customer service is outstanding and the member benefits are unbelievable. My son attended virtual therapy with me!

Cassandra H.

What you’re doing is amazing!
I just love what your company is doing! The customer service is outstanding and the member benefits are unbelievable. My son attended virtual therapy with me!

Mary S.

I came for the therapy
I came for the therapy but now find myself using the discounts almost everywhere I go. I love the game show too, lol.

Jacob K.

Just WOW!
Real talk, The Odd Pro is the truth! My therapist sessions went up to $190 each week after I changed insurances. I couldn’t afford that. To actually get to talk to Dr. Ish weekly is unbelievably helpful!

Kyra L.

My new family!
Hi! I just want to say that I find your site to be amazing. Thanks so much for providing such great features here, and keep it up!

Loren M.

Beautiful website with much attention to details. You can see that there is a lot of passion behind this company. Just WOW!

Kevin L.
“How to Overcome Great Loss” in the LIFE 101 SERIES helped me deal with the loss of my mother. Emery’s story made me cry happy tears. I could not be more grateful.
Cassandra H.
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Mentees reported higher self-confidence as a result of their mentoring relationship

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CEOs have received some form of mentoring throughout their careers.

Unlocking Your True Potential Today!

Join us on this enriching voyage of self-empowerment, wisdom, and personal growth. The Odd Pro’s LIFE 101 mentoring series is available 24/7 on-demand to our members!



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