Therapy plays a vital role in a support system by providing professional guidance, emotional support, and tools for personal growth and healing.

Join The Odd Pro Weekly Group Therapy Sessions with Renowned Celebrity Therapist – “Dr. Ish”

Are you or your loved ones struggling with mental health and looking for a supportive and transformative group therapy experience? The Odd Pro Weekly Group Therapy Sessions, hosted by the renowned TV personality and licensed therapist, Dr. Ish are a safe healing place for everyone who needs mental health support.

About Dr. Ish: (The Doctors, The Tamron Hall Show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars)

Dr. Ish is a licensed therapist, best-selling author, and renowned speaker with over two decades of experience in the field of psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, specializing in trauma and resilience. Throughout his career, Dr. Ish has touched lives and empowered them to overcome emotional challenges to find their inner strength.

As a familiar face on television, Dr. Ish is well-known for his appearances on various talk shows and counseling reality series. His warm and compassionate approach has made him a beloved figure in the mental health community.

Dr. Ish’s Expertise:

With a passion for helping others, Dr. Ish brings a wealth of knowledge to The Odd Pro Weekly Group Therapy Sessions. His sessions are carefully curated to address a wide range of topics, from managing stress and anxiety to building healthier relationships and improving self-esteem.

Weekly Transformation Sessions: Your Path to Healing

Experience profound growth in our focused weekly therapy session led by Dr. Ish Major. This session addresses various challenges, offering a transformative space for your well-being journey.

Join us on this transformative journey to a brighter future.

What Sets us Apart?

Expert Guidance

Dr. Ish's extensive expertise and compassionate approach create a nurturing environment for meaningful growth and healing.


All discussions and information shared during the sessions remain strictly confidential. Feel free to private message Dr. Ish during the session or email him your questions in advance to AskDrIsh@theoddpro.com to protect your identity from the rest of the participants.

Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive community, fostering empathy and understanding.

Affordable Access

Access to this transformative therapy experience in included in our $25 monthly membership.

Session Details:

Past TherapySessions

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How to Register?

Choose the session date you wish to attend from the calendar below.

Fill out the simple registration form with your name and email.

You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting link and further instructions.

Weekly Therapy

Join us every Tuesday at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST

Our weekly group therapy sessions led by the esteemed Dr. Ish. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your challenges, gain valuable insights, and receive guidance from a licensed professional. Dr. Ish’s expertise and compassionate approach create a space for healing and personal growth. Whether you’re navigating mental health concerns, working through personal challenges, or seeking effective coping strategies, our group therapy sessions offer the support you need. Interact in the group or message the Dr. privately to maintain your discretion

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Participate in Weekly Group Therapy Instructions

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Absorb and/or Participate

  • Enter Your Private Message for Dr. Ish: 
    • During weekly group therapy sessions, if you prefer sending Dr. Ish a direct message, simply select the private message option and enter your text directly. Dr. Ish will respond but won’t name anyone directly.
  • Post for Everyone’s View: 
    • If you are comfortable sharing your thoughts or queries with the entire group, posting your message for all participants to see can facilitate group dialogue as well as provide the chance for support and feedback from other members. Simply type your thoughts in the chat area of the group chat room before clicking “Send”.
  • Submit Your Issue in Advance for Anonymous Addressing: 
    • If you prefer anonymity during sessions, email Dr. Ish at AskDrIsh@localhost prior to any concern or inquiry that needs addressing anonymously during weekly sessions – Dr. Ish will address your inquiry anonymously while still offering the support and guidance you require. 

Be mindful that confidentiality and respect are fundamental in group therapy sessions. Please take special care not to violate anyone’s privacy or well-being while attending sessions. For any queries or assistance on your participation feel free to reach out directly to Dr. Ish or The Odd Pro support staff for assistance. 

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Adults in the US have a mental health condition.

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Therapists use telehealth to connect with clients.

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Family therapy has a success rate of 60-80% in improving family functioning.

Ask Dr. Ish!

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Reserve your spot in The Odd Pro Weekly Group Therapy Sessions with Dr. Ish today!

Ask Dr. Ish!

If you’re feeling shy or unable to attend the next live session, don’t worry. Simply email the good doctor at AskDrIsh@TheOddPro.com, and he will address your issue during the session. You can even request to maintain your anonymity if desired. We understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable space for everyone. Rest assured, we are here for you every step of the way.



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